Greens Norton Parish Council

Serving the people of Greens Norton

Village Sign

Clerk: Mrs Linda Paice
9 Bradden Way, Greens Norton
Northamptonshire NN12 8BY

Tel: 01327 353622

Historic photographs of Greens Norton (courtesy of Kate Bleazard) and this film of the village in 1944 from the British Film Institute's Library:

Picture 3 -The Village Hall on High Street which was formerly the village school

Picture 4 - No 48 High Street formerly on the edge of the entrance to Basfords Garage and bus depot

Picture 5 - A view of Blakesley Hill

Picture 6 - A view of the High Street looking away from the village centre

Picture 7- A view of the St Bartholomew's Church from Blakesley Hill

Picture 9 -A view up Towcester Road showing the Chantry House on the left.

Picture 10 - Centre of the village looking from Blakesley Hill. The post Office on the left and a group meeting outside the pub on the right.