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  1. You'll be aware that DHL wants to build a 24/7 logistics hub on 86 acres of land just north of the Bell Plantation Garden Centre on the A5, with huge warehouses up to 6 double decker buses high operating 24/7, 365 days a year. This site is known as AL1.

You will see it, hear it, breath it

  1. Woolgrowers Field – opposite Jardine Motors is another 11-acre site due to be concreted over with industrial units and a new 2 lane entrance on/off the Towcester/Greens Norton Road. We all know how difficult it is to cross over the Tove roundabout at that point now. Traffic will be queuing back to the Rugby club. This site is known as AL2.

We will have to live with the fallout

  1. Shack's Barn, Whittlebury

Yet another site for warehouses being built on 25 acres of land. All blighting the landscape and adding to the traffic congestion on the A43/A5 and surrounding villages. This site is known as AL4.

This area is about to be changed for ever

THE DEVELOPERS HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THE LOOPHOLES IN THE ORIGINAL LOCAL PLAN (2) which was voted through in July 2020. THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN and as a result West Northants Council has just issued a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to try and "reduce uncertainty" and give "clear guidance" to developments. We need to make sure that it does.

This SPD can be read by following this link

IMPORTANT PUBLIC MEETING: Please attend this at The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester, NN12 6AD on Wednesday 13th July between 2pm-6pm to see the proposals in full and talk to the planners.

And afterwards email WNC your comments at before the deadline of 18th August.

We suggest you email rather than fill in the 'Online Survey' so that you can fully cover all the concerns that matter to you, this village and our town - including:

  1. 1. TRAFFIC – A cumulative Traffic study and assessment must be carried out to cover ALL the sites We know how congested the Tove/Abthorpe roundabouts become, as well as the centre of Towcester, and that our villages are used as rat-runs. National Highways and West Northants Highways have repeatedly ducked this key issue. ACCURATE/CONSISTENT TRAFFIC ANALYSIS.
  2. 2. FOOTPRINTS– The original Local Plan was intended for small and medium sized units only. Keep it to that with no building exceeding 5,000m2, which is precedent for this area. 5,000m2 MAXIMUM FOOTPRINT FOR MEDIUM UNITS AND NO LARGE UNITS.
  3. HEIGHTS – the SPD allows for buildings on AL1 "rising to 16m" – which is too high (especially if they are built on raised platforms adding up to 7m); AL2 up to 12m in height, and AL4 up to 15m high. All these are much taller than any other existing building in the area – NB Screwfix is 9.5m high. KEEP THE RIDGE HEIGHTS FOR ANY BUILDING UNDER 10M.

The existing employment space in Towcester has gradually developed over the last 30 years. Large scale, high bay logistics hubs of the sort proposed by DHL will be built and operational within 3 years. Therefore 30 years' worth of development in less than 3 years. This doesn't make sense. Please, speak up before 18th August to protect us now - and the generations to come.

Posted: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 14:16 by Linda Paice

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